How to Play Handball

How To Play & More

1. Basic Outline of Handball For Beginners: Right, firstly, there is a couple different types of handball games, mainly… • 40×20 • 60×30 • one wall • hardball • 40X20 AND 60X30 40×20 and 60×30 are named like that because of the size of the alley/court they are played in.

With me so far? Great!!
Handball can be played as a singles game or a doubles game. The server will stand between the 2 red lines in the centre of the alley and hit the ball off the front wall, making sure it hits the floor outside the short line before it hits the ground. If the ball hits the floor before this line twice in a row it’s called a handout and it becomes the other players turn to serve.

The aim of the other player is to hit the ball back against the front wall before the ball hits the ground twice. Once the player has hit the ball towards the wall, it must hit the front wall before it hits the ground. The cycle then starts again by the other player returning the ball against the front wall. This hitting and returning of the ball is called a rally. This goes on until someone misses the ball or hits the ball without it hitting the front wall. You can only score points when you have served the ball. If the other player served the ball and after you returned it and misses it, then it is your turn to serve. The first player to reach 21 points (also called aces) wins the game Sound easy??
Come to a training session and give it ago. Newbies and others always welcome!

Codes of Handball

HARDBALL: Hardball is played in the 60×30 court using the same rules as before with a different sized hard handball. It’s a very hard ball. Very hard. Did I mention it is a very hard ball……hence the name Hardball!!

• ONEWALL One wall is played up against…..yes u guessed it…one wall….the ball is slightly bigger than a 60×30 ball and is blue… The lines are mark out on the wall 20×20 and on the floor 20×30 The rules are similar to before with the exception of no sidewall or roof. If you’re in the other players way, you can stay there….making most games very funny at times!!

Well that’s handball in a nutshell….and no before u ask…we don’t play in a nutshell…. if you like the sound of handball and want to give it a go or even just fancy coming to one of the training session to watch before you try it…..drop us a line.



Handball is played in a court, or “alley”, the most common form of which measures 12.2 m by 6.1 m (40 feet by 20 feet) with a front wall 6.1 m (20 ft) high, off which the ball must be struck.
In Ireland, there is a version of the game which uses a larger court, measuring 18.3 m by 9.15 m (60 feet by 30 feet).
The objective of a game is to score a set total of points before your opponent does. Points are only scored by the person serving the ball.
In other words, if a player wins a rally but did not serve at the start of that rally they only win the right to serve, and thus the chance to score after a subsequent rally. The serving player has two opportunities to hit the ball, from the “service area” (between the two parallel lines), off the “front wall” and across the “service line” (which is located exactly half-way down the court from the front wall).
Players take turns at hitting the ball off the “front wall” before the ball bounces twice following their opponent’s previous shot. Most handball games take place in a four-walled court but there are also three-walled and one-wall versions of the game.